April release notes

Today we’ve deployed our biggest release to date. It includes a lot of new functionality, SDK and improvements. More on it below.

New functionality

  • [Security] Restricting access to the UI by IP address. Available for tenants with “Large” service plan only;
  • [Security] Limiting API access by IP address & HTTP Referrer;
  • Importing configuration keys from CSV files;
  • Configuration values usage statistics per environment;
  • Admins now can disable configuration key;
  • Added support of “Percent” function for Overrides;
  • Added “Schedule” support for Overrides;
  • Added support for promo codes under tenant billing;
  • Refresh button is available for all grids within the project;


  • Help beacon is now working as expected;
  • Improving Audit Log UI;
  • Fixed small issues related to multi-tenant support for users that belong to several Ajustee clients;


  • Dart/Flutter SDK
  • Java SDK